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Here’s to a year of luxury villa holidays for you, your family and friends. And to help you experience your perfect villa holiday (in luxury) we have produced a selection of holiday resorts to help you experience the true meaning of the word ‘luxury’.

The Mediterranean is full of wonderful destinations, from Mallorca to Portugal. Or if you fancy somewhere different, then why not enjoy a luxury villa holiday in Turkey or how about Italy?

We offer a huge choice in luxury villa holidays across the Mediterranean, including new resorts in the South of France, Santorini, Skiathos, and Madeira.

We also offer luxury villa holidays in popular destinations including Cyprus, Corfu, Kefalonia, Ibiza, Crete, Lanzarote, Zante and Tenerife.

So this year, why not treat yourself and the people you love to a luxury Villa holiday.


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As many of you will know, Mediterranean cuisine is delicious.  So to help celebrate the different types of meals you can enjoy while holidaying in the Med, we have compiled a Pinterest album full of tasty dishes for you to look at, and taste the next time you are enjoying a Luxury Villa Escape.

Amongst the yummy recipes is our top five dishes:

5, Peach and Roasted Vegetable Salad – in a word, Yum!

4,   Prosciutto wrapped chicken stuffed with basil & cheese.

3, Guatlles a La Fulla de Parra.

2, Mediterranean style cannellini bean salad

And at number ‘one’ we have the mouthwatering Greek dish, Greek Chicken Pita with Cucumber & Dill yogurt dressing.

We pinned this mouthwatering dish from – where she unselfishly shares the recipe. So a big thank you to Laurie for sharing this with the rest of us food connoisseurs.

And remember, each one of these dishes can be enjoyed at any of our Luxury Villa Escapes

Ever had a holiday in the South of France, or have you ever fancied a holiday in this beautiful part of the world?

We have launched a collection of villa holiday options for you to consider. Our new holiday properties are located in key areas, with each property offering something different to help you enjoy your holiday in real luxury.

Here are some examples for your viewing pressure:

Villa Melodie (ID1321)

Villas in Cote D’Azur Luxury Villa Escapes in the South of France Villa Melodie ID1321

Villa Cannes Sirene (ID1314)

Villas in Cote D’Azur Luxury Villa Escapes in the South of France Villa Cannes Sirene ID1314

Villa Arc En Ciel (ID1325)

Villas in Cote D’Azur Luxury Villa Escapes in the South of France Villa Arc En Ciel ID1325

We could go on adding photographs of luxury villas for you to look at, but instead, and to ensure you get the full effect we have added a South of France Villa portfolio on our Pinterest page for you to enjoy. But be warned, you may find yourself having to book one of our villa holidays to get that luxury experience 😉

As they say in France: “Toujours offrez-vous le meilleur”

Some call it divine, other holidaymakers call it heavenly, but we prefer to call it ‘Finca Alaro Deluxe’.

This stunning property is a five-bedroom estate, accommodating 12 people. It commands an elevated position set in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains, near the villages of Alaro and Santa Maria.

Finca Alaro Deluxe comes with many luxury features, which includes:

Daily Maid service and Breakfast included

High quality fixtures, fittings, antiques and furnishings throughout

Beautiful manicured gardens

Short drive to traditional villages

Spectacular views

So, if you think you can handle this level of luxury, visit our website to find obtain full details.



Many people assume that ‘style’ and ‘luxury’ are two different words, and according to the Oxford Dictionary they are:

Luxury: a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense – he lived a life of luxury

Style: a particular procedure by which something is done; a manner or way – different styles of management

But we at Luxury Villa Escapes believe both words can also mean the same thing, especially when it comes to experiencing a Luxury Villa Escape.

Nowadays holidaymakers expect a certain level of service and have high expectations when it comes to premium brand holidays. We like to call these ‘our brand ambassadors’. They anticipate a luxury that is both first-class and stylish – a representation of themselves.

This may sound snobbish or even elitist, but it’s not. It’s just the way your holiday should be. After all, if you work hard then you should want to play hard, too!

So, if you love luxury and style then consider a Luxury Villa Escape for your next holiday. We think you will be very impressed with our selection of holiday properties, which you will find located across the warm and sunny Mediterranean. You may even find yourself becoming one of our valued brand ambassadors!

10th April will see Don sunning himself as series six of Mad Men comes back on our screens.

We don’t need to tell you that season five ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Don sitting at a bar with an attractive woman asking him if he was alone.

Now every Mad Men fan will know the programme is all about style and indulgences, especially where Don Draper and Roger Sterling are concerned, and who can blame them, they work and play hard so they should reward themselves when ever possible.

Here’s an example, in series six, Don and his on screen wife, Megan, played by Jessica Pare, are seen relaxing on a beach enjoying the sun and some much needed time off, while everyone else are back in the office doing all the work after being presented with more creative brilliance from the Don.

This got us thinking. Like you, we love Mad Men, and like Don and Megan, we also love the sun. So, we thought wouldn’t it be a great idea to let our stylish customers enjoy their holiday in style and enjoy some of the things Don, Megan and Roger have come accustom too.

But just as Don and Roger would expect, we also provide those little extras you would normally associate with celebrities, things like maid service, chill out areas, rental cars delivered to and collected from your luxury villa escape, as well as a private chef service.

This luxury villa sleeps five and comes with plenty of benefits, including:

  • On-line video of property – click image to view
  • Beautiful Mallorcan stone cottage
  • Stunning countryside views
  • Small tennis court
  • Private 6-hole putting green
  • British TV
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access
  • Outdoor heated hot tub

This luxury villa is an enchanting, picturesque mallorcan stone cottage, located in an outstanding location with far-reaching vistas across the pine-clad Colonya valley, stretching as far as the Puig Maria.

Can Demana is also just a short drive into Pollensa old town, but if you fancy staying in then this private villa offers privacy and a peaceful escape.







Whether it’s Burberry’s new menswear line, which was launched at this year’s London Fashion Week, or a luxury Villa Escape in Italy, we know how luxury should be celebrated and experienced.

This empathy has, and continues to allow us to offer complete luxury to holidaymakers who appreciate, understand and expect luxury holidays.

However, offering luxury villa escapes in some of the most desired resorts across the Mediterranean is just the beginning. Most people who appreciate luxury also expect a concierge service that mirrors the quality of the holiday properties made available.

Luxury Villa Escapes

Just like celebrities, those of you who can afford luxury also expect style and a high level of service. And as with Burberry, our brands are designed to offer style, quality and sheer luxury to you, your family and your friends.

Luxury Villa Escape

You, wearing this…

…would look great with this…

Or any of the huge luxury villa escapes we offer. Visit: to find out more.