As many of you will know, Mediterranean cuisine is delicious.  So to help celebrate the different types of meals you can enjoy while holidaying in the Med, we have compiled a Pinterest album full of tasty dishes for you to look at, and taste the next time you are enjoying a Luxury Villa Escape.

Amongst the yummy recipes is our top five dishes:

5, Peach and Roasted Vegetable Salad – in a word, Yum!

4,   Prosciutto wrapped chicken stuffed with basil & cheese.

3, Guatlles a La Fulla de Parra.

2, Mediterranean style cannellini bean salad

And at number ‘one’ we have the mouthwatering Greek dish, Greek Chicken Pita with Cucumber & Dill yogurt dressing.

We pinned this mouthwatering dish from – where she unselfishly shares the recipe. So a big thank you to Laurie for sharing this with the rest of us food connoisseurs.

And remember, each one of these dishes can be enjoyed at any of our Luxury Villa Escapes